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Sex Toys Sold on TV: Trojan Vibrating Twister

“As Seen on TV” isn’t just for the Slap Chop and ShamWow anymore–now sex toys are sold on television too. I recently saw this commercial for Trojan’s new vibrator, eh I mean personal massager. And to think, when I was a kid I thought … Continue reading

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Oops! Hollywood Walk of Fame Goofs While Shunning Reality TV Stars

Hollywood Walk of Fame administrators made an oopsie when they dissed reality TV stars on their Facebook page. On Monday they posted, “Someone asked if we give reality show characters stars? Hell to the No!” But what they probably didn’t … Continue reading

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Abercrombie PSA? Adults Should Not Wear Teen Clothing

Life is full of transitions: high school to college, student to employee, single to married. But there’s another transition that people don’t talk about– graduating from the kids clothing department to the adult section. It’s taking Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino … Continue reading

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Kim Kardashian X-rays Her Ass

She’s got a sex tape, nude photos, and bikini shots galore. Now we can see Kim Kardashian’s insides too—she recently X-rayed her butt on television. At a time when people are refusing to use airport body scanners for fear of … Continue reading

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