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Kim Kardashian X-rays Her Ass

She’s got a sex tape, nude photos, and bikini shots galore. Now we can see Kim Kardashian’s insides too—she recently X-rayed her butt on television. At a time when people are refusing to use airport body scanners for fear of … Continue reading

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Celebrities Paid Thousands to Tweet Product Endorsements on Twitter

Twitter isn’t completely genuine—it’s not just full of friendly status updates from your bffs and beloved celebrities. That’s because some of those celebs are selling you out—big time. Take Kim Kardashian, according to the Boston Herald, Kim gets paid $25,000 to tweet … Continue reading

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Kardashian TV Secrets Exposed

After spending many nights watching the show Keeping Up With the Kardashians (and wondering how I can duplicate Kim’s hairstyle) I discovered the formula that makes the Kardashians seem like such a wild, zany family: They throw food on each … Continue reading

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