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Crosswalk Audio Warning Announces Risks of Crossing the Street — Duh

Sometimes things don’t work out they way they should. And now children in Salem, MA are learning that lesson every time they come and go from school. Right near the Carlton School, the state installed a new light with an … Continue reading

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A “Proactiv” Last Minute Christmas Gift

  When you’re shopping 48 hours or less before Christmas, you’ve already put yourself in the “it’s the thought that counts” category. Last minute shopping (LMS) is more about getting yourself in and out of stores without losing your sanity … Continue reading

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Why I’m Not Buying my Husband Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for Christmas (and you better not either)

When my husband made his Christmas list, I checked it twice to make sure Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 wasn’t on it. He’s not on the naughty list. But if he gets MW3 he will be, because it will … Continue reading

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Smartphone App Helps Drivers Find Parking: Fear for your lives

Make way for more Boston drivers looking at their cell phones instead of the road. According to the Boston Herald, Beantown is piloting a new app to help drivers find parking spaces—a commodity even harder to find since Mass Ave … Continue reading

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iPhone 4S vs. Lawayway: No contest

More tents sprung up in cities across the country last night, but these campers weren’t part of the Occupy Movement–they were shoppers lined up to buy the new iPhone 4S. The Boston Herald reported that millions of iPhones could be sold … Continue reading

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Supermarket Bagging Turnstiles Turn Away Jobs

We’ve seen high technology replace jobs at grocery stores with self-checkouts. But now low technology is eating them too. This is why my sister doesn’t have summer work: Her local Hannaford supermarket replaced human baggers with these Wal-Martesque bagging turnstiles. What was often … Continue reading

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Facebook Commercial

A Popnology video

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Netflix Price Increase Email Decoded

Netflix sent this email to their 23.6 million subscribers today (including me) explaining that they’re increasing their prices: Here’s a decoded version of their email which explains what The Netflix Team is really trying to say: Dear Julie, In an effort … Continue reading

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Celebrities Paid Thousands to Tweet Product Endorsements on Twitter

Twitter isn’t completely genuine—it’s not just full of friendly status updates from your bffs and beloved celebrities. That’s because some of those celebs are selling you out—big time. Take Kim Kardashian, according to the Boston Herald, Kim gets paid $25,000 to tweet … Continue reading

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Cuponk: Drinking Game Turned Child’s Toy

Forget tutors and AP classes, now you can teach your little ones what they really need to know for college with Cuponk. Hasbro took the staple college drinking game Beer Pong and repackaged it as their hip new children’s toy. … Continue reading

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