Sex Toys Sold on TV: Trojan Vibrating Twister

“As Seen on TV” isn’t just for the Slap Chop and ShamWow anymore–now sex toys are sold on television too. I recently saw this commercial for Trojan’s new vibrator, eh I mean personal massager. And to think, when I was a kid I thought panty liner commercials were embarrassing.

The ad says it’s so good, “It’ll blow your hair back.” But the real question is, why is the guy’s hair blown back too?

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7 Responses to Sex Toys Sold on TV: Trojan Vibrating Twister

  1. Durhee says:

    I’ve noticed that the late night commercials are getting a bit more risqué these days myself. I blame it all on “Smilin’ Bob”!

  2. I think this particular commercial is targeting women whose partners aren’t smiling anymore ;)

  3. This commercial should be called the “Real Desperate Housewives of the USA…”

  4. John Doe says:

    Trojan doesn’t say anything about this either…The guy is just desperate I guess

  5. erisac says:

    Me and my boyfriend were wondering the same thing, not because we were wanting to try it but because we kept seeing this same commercial. At first we were just wondering what the thing even looked like. If you look it up, it shows some crazy thing that honestly looked like it was double sided and then we asked ourselves why it was that way. Then we thought, “woah is this meant for guys too??” because it does say “blows his and her hair back”. I don’t have an answer really but it could be meant for guys too…

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