Hasbro Pours Some Sugar on Candy Land, Sexes-Up Characters

Something’s going on in Candy Land, and it’s not very sweet. Although the board game is a childhood staple, it didn’t stop Hasbro from pouring on the sexy. The 2002 version got a major makeover in 2010—including skinnier characters and skimpier clothing.

2002 Princess Frostine vs. 2010 Princess Frostine
In 2010 Princess Frostine underwent breast augmentation, lip injections and rhinoplasty which left her looking 35 years younger. Complete with fishnet stockings and a “come hither” hand signal, she’s starting to look like a rival Bratz Doll. She might be chilly, but this princess is so hot she’ll melt her own ice rink.

Mr. Mint & Jolly vs. Duke of Swirl
Now that they scored a provocative princess, Candy Land makers realized they lacked an attractive male character. So they axed Mr. Mint and his chubby sidekick Jolly. The hunky ice-cream-surfing Duke of Swirl took their place on the game board in 2010.

Grandma Nutt vs. Grandma Gooey
Since so many children today have nut allergies, 2002’s Grandma Nutt was a liability. She was replaced with a Grammy that serves chocolate cake instead of trips to the emergency room.

2002 Lord Licorice vs. 2010 Lord Licorice
In 2002, the handlebar-mustached Lord Licorice looked like someone parents would warn children to stay away from. In 2010 he became more villain and less creep by adopting a serpent and shaving.

Lolly vs. Princess Lolly
Lolly’s publicist advised her it was unflattering to be seen eating. To improve her image in 2010, she put her tongue back in her mouth, shed her sleeves, and legally changed her name to Princess Lolly.

2002 Kids vs. 2010 Kids
After being picked on for wearing matching Oshkosh overalls, the Candy Land kids got a new wardrobe in 2010. Glasses were added to the blonde boy for increased diversity.

2002 King Kandy vs. 2010 King Kandy
A health conscious King Kandy slimmed down in 2010 because he looked ready to get Type Two Diabetes. Now his doppelgänger is Burger King’s recently canned  King mascot instead of Santa Claus.

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3 Responses to Hasbro Pours Some Sugar on Candy Land, Sexes-Up Characters

  1. Rose says:

    Ugh, sickening! The new one is NOT the candyland I know and love! >:(

  2. mary says:

    the summer house we stayed in had the 1948 version, wish i could find that one! my three year old grandson loved it. the new
    one is disgusting and i will have to keep looking an older one. MANY complaints on amazon.com about this one. i guess it’s ebay next. a disappointed grandmother

  3. Cait says:

    Boo Candyland!! Way to make the game something no one would ever want to have their kids play.

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