Abercrombie PSA? Adults Should Not Wear Teen Clothing

Image Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Life is full of transitions: high school to college, student to employee, single to married. But there’s another transition that people don’t talk about– graduating from the kids clothing department to the adult section.

It’s taking Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and the Jersey Shore gang longer than most of us to wear big boy clothes. To help them along, Abercrombie and Fitch recently offered to pay the Shore cast to stop wearing Abercrombie clothing. Apparently even Mike’s abs can’t save him from hurting the A&F brand.

But forget hurting Abercrombie’s image, after a certain age, wearing A&F will hurt your image. Even I’d feel silly wearing my old A&F tee, and I’m younger than The Situation! In fact, I recently tossed my last Abercrombie shirt into a bag of clothes to donate to the Salvation Army.

Instead of dismissing Abercrombie’s payoff as a publicity stunt, it should be taken as a public service announcement. Thank you Abercrombie for the reminder– any adult wearing your clothing risks looking as foolish as an expired cougar showing off too much cleavage.

Anyone want my last A&F tee before it goes to charity?

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2 Responses to Abercrombie PSA? Adults Should Not Wear Teen Clothing

  1. Jason says:

    I feel bad for the situation. First the roast. Then I heard he had STDs. Now this Abercrombie embarrassment? I thought his haircut was the lowest of all possible lows.

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