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Supermarket Bagging Turnstiles Turn Away Jobs

We’ve seen high technology replace jobs at grocery stores with self-checkouts. But now low technology is eating them too. This is why my sister doesn’t have summer work: Her local Hannaford supermarket replaced human baggers with these Wal-Martesque bagging turnstiles. What was often … Continue reading

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Facebook Commercial

A Popnology video

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Netflix Price Increase Email Decoded

Netflix sent this email to their 23.6 million subscribers today (including me) explaining that they’re increasing their prices: Here’s a decoded version of their email which explains what The Netflix Team is really trying to say: Dear Julie, In an effort … Continue reading

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TMI Alert: Justin Bieber Gets Year’s Supply of Condoms

Justin Bieber is the Prince of Pop– and now he’s the prince of prophylactics. While most 17-year-olds snatch condoms from the school nurse or buy a three pack at the 7-11, The Biebs received a year’s supply in the mail. … Continue reading

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Kim Kardashian X-rays Her Ass

She’s got a sex tape, nude photos, and bikini shots galore. Now we can see Kim Kardashian’s insides too—she recently X-rayed her butt on television. At a time when people are refusing to use airport body scanners for fear of … Continue reading

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