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OMG is she really wearing that?

When a student makes fun of a peer’s weight, hairstyle, or clothing, it’s bullying. When major TV networks do the same thing before, during, and after the Oscars, it’s entertainment.

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Song Lyrics Celebrate Domestic Violence

Apparently the dog days aren’t over for Florence Welch of the band Florence and The Machine. Her song Kiss With A Fist is a super catchy, hip-shaking tune about domestic violence. Don’t let her fall in love with you—she just might … Continue reading

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Play the Insurance Company Memory Game!

Whether they’re making you laugh, or scaring you to death, insurance companies are on a TV commercial rampage.  Each company is racing to come up with a funnier, more memorable ad to get you running to the telephone to compare … Continue reading

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Aim High—Become a Massachusetts Toll Taker

Ballerina? Firefighter? Pff! When my future children tell me what they want to be when they grow up, I’m going to tell them to be a Massachusetts toll taker. The Boston Herald reported on Friday that some state toll booth … Continue reading

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Cuponk: Drinking Game Turned Child’s Toy

Forget tutors and AP classes, now you can teach your little ones what they really need to know for college with Cuponk. Hasbro took the staple college drinking game Beer Pong and repackaged it as their hip new children’s toy. … Continue reading

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