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Crayola’s PC Crayons Go Unopened

Move over glitter crayons. Here comes Crayola Multicultural. Now children can quit coloring their stick figures blue and choose the appropriate shade of black, white, tan, sepia, peach, apricot, mahogany, or burnt sienna. With these eight crayons, kids are equipped … Continue reading

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Huggies Won’t Shake “Poo Image” with Children’s Book

Yesterday one of my students asked me to read her this copy of “The Search for Mud Mountain” by the Huggies Cleanteam. The book is part of the diaper company’s “educational material” that they use to teach children about the … Continue reading

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Store Keychain Cards Make You a Robbery Target

Those sticky, peeling store cards that take up space on your  keychain can do more than save you 50 cents off a loaf of bread– they can cost you everything you own. Now loosing your keys can become as dangerous … Continue reading

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Radio Station Encourages Texting While Driving

When I was in high school, I once spent an entire Saturday in the bathroom speed dialing a radio station to win concert tickets. After listening to the busy signal for hours, I eventually won tickets for a show I … Continue reading

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Unsolicited Facebook Encouragement

We all have Facebook friends we’ve considered deleting because they take over our news feeds with obnoxious status updates. But a lot of these people don’t realize we’re onto them. Have you ever checked your news feed and found a … Continue reading

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The Hassidic Jew who Saved Hanukah

Have a listen to Matisyahu’s new release “Miracle,” and you might not realize it’s a Hanukah song. The regge/pop tune doesn’t mention the word latkes even once—or compare the festival of lights to Christmas. Until now, the only Hanukah song … Continue reading

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